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Top Baby Names Alberta: 2012 Brought A Baby Boom And Strange Monikers


Liam and Emma were the most popular baby names in Alberta in 2012.

Liam stayed at the top of the most popular names list for a third year in a row, while Emma rose to the number one spot among popular girl names in the province, moving up from third in 2011, according to the Service Alberta annual baby names survey.

According to the rankings, 281 Alberta baby boys were named Liam in 2012, while 299 girls in the province were named Emma.

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And those baby boys and baby girls also have the distinction of being born in the biggest baby boom in the province's history, with 52,398 births taking place in Alberta in 2012.

The previous record was in 2009, a year that saw 51,505 births. Meanwhile, 2011 saw 50,841 new babies in Alberta.

“We are in what looks like a sustained baby boom," said Service Alberta Minister Manmeet S. Bhullar.

"Alberta is a national economic leader with rapid job growth, high wages and a relatively young population, not to mention the province’s abundant natural beauty, so it’s little surprise so many Albertans are starting families here.”

Apart from the boom in babies, Alberta also seems to find itself in the midst of a weird name boom.

Some of the more stranger ones include Precious, Dancing-Sunflower, Rhaney-Day, Shy-Angel and Skeeter for girls; and Thunderbolt, Little, Horizon, Brave, and Icarus for boys.

But then again, there were also children born in Alberta last year named Lyric, Symphony, Chorus, Divinity, Eternity, Heaven, Cedar, Wren, Adele, Lennon, Hendrix, and Minaj.

There were still a number of Kates and Williams to honour the British royal couple's visit to Alberta in 2011. And a royal trend that started that year continued in 2012 with King, Prince and Lord appearing for boys and Princess showing up 12 times for girls.

Albertans can now also download a free Alberta Baby Names app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. It has more than 81,000 Alberta baby names and their popularity ranking going back to 1980.

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