05/24/2013 10:18 EDT | Updated 05/24/2013 11:07 EDT

The Northern Lights Above Jasper National Park Are Stunning (VIDEO)

The Northern Lights from Richard Gottardo on Vimeo.

The Northern Lights are one of the natural blessings of living in Canada, but unless you live pretty far up north or can get away from big city lights, it can be tough to see them.

Earlier this month, photographer Richard Gottardo set up his camera in Jasper national park to capture these stunning images of the lights dancing above one of Canada's most stunning landscapes. According to the description in his video he stitched together some 1,800 photos shot over a four hour period on May 18. Thank goodness the skies were clear.

Gottardo explains that solar flare activity around May 18 led to the particularly dramatic auroras that night. Earlier this year, solar flare activity was so intense that the lights could be seen as far south as parts of New England.

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