05/25/2013 04:00 EDT | Updated 07/24/2013 05:12 EDT

Policies, subsidies: Manitoba New Democrats hold annual convention

BRANDON, Man. - Manitoba New Democrats are holding their annual convention in Brandon this weekend amid controversies over taxes and political subsidies.

Recent opinion polls suggest the NDP is struggling after 13 years in power, and there has been public outcry over the government's plan to raise the provincial sales tax in July.

Delegates will debate policies on everything from education to the environment, but as always, the outcomes are not binding on the government.

Party officials may also discuss how much of a new public subsidy the NDP will accept.

A recent independent report suggested all parties get public money to fund their operations, and the NDP's share could be worth $279,000 per year.

The Opposition Progressive Conservatives have refused to accept their share, while the NDP has said it will accept some of it, although the exact amount has yet to be determined.