05/27/2013 04:41 EDT | Updated 07/27/2013 05:12 EDT

Suzanna, RCMP Dog With Royal Ties, Is Retiring From Her Duties

REGINA - A police dog with royal ties is retiring from her duties at the RCMP's Regina Depot.

Suzanna, who was named by the Queen, was a gift from the monarch about four years ago.

The golden lab has been acting as a four-footed ambassador at the training centre for new recruits ever since.

She has been living with assistant commissioner Roger Brown, who has been the academy's commanding officer.

Brown has taken a new role with the RCMP in New Brunswick and Suzanna will be accompanying him and his family to his new post.

Brown says he had become attached to the dog and it didn't seem fair for Suzanna to have to get used to new owners transferring in all the time.

“It’s probably a time at this point for her to be a dog,” said Brown. “Not to have to worry about always being in the public eye. Maybe it’s time to be a pet and that’s exactly what’s she’s going to be.”

The dog has an interesting back story.

She was originally trained to be more of a traditional police dog—one that could detect drugs or bombs.

“That wasn’t her fit. She came to Depot as a mascot and she’s made a nice difference for the time that she was here,” Brown said.

Suzanna has often been seen approaching and interacting with guests on base to watch a parade or attend a function. She has even gone on off-base visits that have included stops at schools.

Brown said Suzanna also served as a morale booster for homesick cadets.

“It’s just another way of trying to make life at Depot a more memorable experience,” he said. “They’ll miss her no doubt.”

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