05/28/2013 04:25 EDT | Updated 11/22/2013 03:58 EST

Kale Recipes: It's Not Just For Chips And Smoothies

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So when did kale become even cooler than cucumbers? It's been called the superhero of veggies, the new beef, the queen of greens, and even — seriously? — crazy sexy.

Maybe it has a little to do with celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow promoting its health benefits. Even the Obamas got into the kale craze with a Thanksgiving salad from the White House's famous vegetable garden.

All that fuss is understandable when you find out for yourself how good it is for you. Kale is loaded with nutrients including antioxidants, iron and fiber and is said to be a natural detoxifier and immunity-booster.

It's also incredibly versatile. You can put it in a smoothie, bake it into chips, stew it, grill it, or just let your imagination run wild.

Kale definitely benefits nutritionally from adding a little heat, but either cooked or raw, it seems hard to go wrong with it these days.

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