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Ashley Jessica, Anti-TSA Activist, Alleges Agent Touched Her Vagina (VIDEO)

A Toronto woman is claiming the Transportation Security Administration went too far during an airport pat-down and has released a video she says proves it.

Ashley Jessica and her mother were returning to Toronto via San Diego International Airport when two the duo encountered a security checkpoint. Rather than take the fully body scan, Jessica and her mother opted for physical pat-downs from female TSA officers. The pair took turns filming each other's pat-downs as part of Jessica's ongoing protests against the TSA, according to

The video begins with Jessica filming an agent frisking her mother and asking "you're not going to be coming in contact with her private parts, correct?" The pat-down proceeds without incidents before cutting to black. The video continues with a different TSA agent explaining to Jessica what the pat-down entails.

Four minutes into the video, the TSA agent grazes Jessica's chest with the back of her hand. Jessica says "sorry, you just touched my boobs" and the pat-down stops while the TSA agent explains her actions are part of standard procedure and to be expected. Jessica protests the touching of her breasts and the agent explains she can stop the pat-down but that she will not be cleared to fly.

The pat-down resumes and six minutes into the video, as the agent moves her hands up Jessica's upper thigh, the 25 year old recoils and exclaims "she just touched my vagina."

The video has received mixed reactions on YouTube, with some suggesting the TSA went too far. Others say the video is just an attempt to seek attention. For the TSA's part, the organization says the officers shown in the video were just doing their jobs.

“In review of the closed-circuit video, it is abundantly clear that the two TSA officers conducting the pat-down carried out their responsibilities in a professional and polite manner," a TSA spokesperson told the New York Daily News.

Jessica has since hit back against her critics, saying this kind of treatment would be criminal anywhere else.

"To all those people saying that I'm 'overreacting' - if you went up to someone on the,'street and touched them like that you'd probably be arrested. It's really sad that so many people have habituated to this type of treatment," reports the Daily Mail.

This isn't the first time Jessica and her mother have filmed pat-downs. Last year, Jessica and her mother were filmed by their brother while at an airport in Norfolk, Virginia. In the past, Jessica has campaigned against the TSA and full-body scanners, asking other passengers to opt out of and film TSA pat-downs instead according to her YouTube page.

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