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Kate Middleton Pregnancy Rumours: Hypnobirths, Twins, Gifts And More

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LONDON, ENGLAND - MAY 22: Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge talks to guests as she attends a Garden Party in the grounds of Buckingham Palace hosted by Queen Elizabeth II on May 22, 2013. (Photo by John Stillwell - WPA Pool/Getty Images)

We know the Kate Middleton is pregnant, we know she is expecting a baby sometime in July, and we know Prince William is pretty excited.

But after marrying a prince, Duchess Of Cambridge has become one of the world's biggest celebrities, and just like any other A-lister, she's not immune to being tabloid fodder. When it comes to the discussion of possible baby names, gender and even where and how Kate will have give birth, the rumours spread fast.

We've heard everything from an extravagant $1 million "push present" for Kate to her so-called "baby bump" before she was even married. This week, we've rounded up some of the most absurd rumours about the soon-to-be royal baby.

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Kate Wants A Hypnobirth:

Instead of having to deal with labour pains, some reports claim Kate Middleton wants to have a hypnobirth, a type of hypnotherapy that includes breathing exercises and visualization techniques to help women relax, according to U.K.'s NOW magazine. Hynobirths are not as unusual as they sound. Jessica Alba said hypnobirthing helped when she gave birth to her daughter Honor Marie.

A Water Birth?:

After the Queen's visit to a maternity unit in early May, reports said the Queen had a sudden interest in birthing pools and may have been saving some of this knowledge for Kate to use during her own birth. Hey, maybe she was just fascinated.

Will And Kate Were Expecting Twins:

Seeing double? In early March 2012, the Palace announced Kate's pregnancy, along with the news that she was suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum, a type of acute morning sickness. Several rumours claimed the royal couple were expecting twins, something common for women who suffer with this specific type of illness.

It's A Girl, Right?:

We don't know, but bookies seem to be convinced. According to the Daily Mail, many people are convinced Kate's having a girl, while several others are betting on the name Alexandra. Other rumoured names include Diana and Elizabeth, and Philip for a boy.

Birth Announcement On Twitter:

With a possible mid-July due date, several reports claimed Buckingham Palace would announce the new baby's birth on Twitter. But if you thought for a second a 140-character tweet about the world's most anticipated baby seems far-fetched, you're right. Turns out that was never exactly the plan.

We Can't Seem To Figure Out The Date:

Somehow, magically, people have been able to figure out Kate Middleton's exact due date, pinpointing it down to July 13. But now, several reports are claiming the baby is due later, possibly July 18 or July 24 after Carole Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge's mother, said her grandchild would be a Leo.

Pregnant Before She Was Even Pregnant:

Even before we saw a bump, several outlets relied on gusts of wind or pictures of Kate touching her belly to jump to the conclusion that she was pregnant. In April 2011, Star magazine claimed Kate was pregnant before her and Will tied the knot.

Kate Will Get A New Tiara:

U.K.'s NOW magazine speculates that Prince William will present his wife with a sparkly new tiara after the baby is born.

But WHERE Will She Give Birth?:

Seems like the Duchess will be giving birth at several different hospitals. First we heard about Kate breaking family traditions and giving birth at the Royal Berkshire Hospital. However, other reports claim the couple will in fact stick with the same birthplace of Prince William and Harry — at St. Mary's Hospital.

Kate's $1 Million Push Present From Will:

Forget baby shower gifts, there were even rumours flying around that Prince William was willing to buy the Duchess of Cambridge a $1 million luxurious villa in the exotic Island of Mustique (a small island off of St. Vincent) to celebrate the new baby.