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Lena Dunham And Other TV Stars' Style On And Off Screen (PHOTOS)

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NEW YORK, NY - MAY 14: Lena Dunham films 'Girls' on May 14, 2013 in New York City. (Photo by Aby Baker/Getty Images)

Sometimes we can't decide whose style we like better: Lena Dunham or her "Girls" alter-ego, Hannah Horvath.

Although a premiere date for "Girls" Season 3 has yet to be announced, we're already anxious to see what Lena will dress her eccentric Hannah in. (We got a small taste when Dunham was photographed filming the new season in early May.)

"Girls" isn't the only show we have our eyes on. The hype over Fall TV 2013 previews has us reminiscing about our favourite stylish characters and the (sometimes) fashionable actors who play them.

When we aren't spending days on the couch binging on our favourite TV episodes, it’s much easier to separate onscreen characters and real life actors. In fact, it’s alarming to think how different an actor can be from their onscreen personas. For example, “Will and Grace” star Megan Mullally’s classy, toned down style is a far cry from her rambunctious cleavage happy character, Karen Walker.

As we say goodbye to the end of another great season, and get excited for Fall 2013 TV, let's do a style comparison on a few of our favourite television stars and their onscreen alter egos.

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Lena Dunham vs. Hannah Horvath on "Girls"

“Girls” protagonist Hannah Horvath is pretty far from being a style icon but we do see some potential. The OCD inflicted wannabe author looks as if she steals from grandma’s closet, shops with her eyes closed at Value Village and picks up a few items from the sale rack at Anthropologie. Hannah's look consists of frumpy vintage cardigans, patterned dresses, and chunky jewelry which don't always come together in stylish ways.

However, we love Hannah and she seems to own her look!

Lena Dunham, who plays Hannah, can’t catch a break when it comes to fashion. Her onscreen character gets lambasted on the regular for her frumpy attire while Lena, whose style isn't always flattering but fairly modern and feminine, gets just as much criticism. (Maybe it's because she sometimes forgets to wear a bra.)

The 27-year-old wears a lot of dresses which flair out but never really push the envelope. Dunham did however shock viewers when she stepped out in what appeared to be just a long green tunic – and nothing else. The “Girls” actress could use some help with finding shapes that suit and skim her body appropriately but hey, she never proclaimed to be fashion forward.

Eva Longoria vs. Gabrielle Solis on "Desperate Housewives"

Even though "Desperate Housewives" finished airing in 2012, we’ll always remember hot housewife, Gabrielle Solis’ magnificent wardrobe. Former fashion model Garbielle is all about flashy, right-off-the-runway fashions that cling to the body.

The sexy Texan is a lover of cleavage, high heels, jewel tones, lacy things of all kinds and of course, her signature velour jogging suits.

If you want to dress like Garbielle Solis, start by purchasing a colourful Hervé Léger bandage dress.

Actress Eva Longoria has her glamorous moments but unlike Gabrielle, her style is more elegant than flashy. Longoria wears lots of blazers, shift dresses with cap sleeves, stylish but comfortable sweaters paired with skinny jeans and is often seen wearing flowy summer dresses.

Dress like Eva Longoria by picking up a great pair of skinny white jeans or a fitted cap sleeve dress from Ted Baker.

Beth Behrs vs. Caroline Wesbox Channing on "2 Broke Girls"

When she’s not wearing her hideous but oddly charming waitress getup, the other half of “2 Broke Girls” duo, Caroline Channing, is the picture of preppy perfection.

Pink, white and beige are staple colours and pearls and hair bands are must-have accessories to achieve Caroline’s signature aesthetic. Cute dresses adorned with bows, flowy tops and of course, a pair of killer heels are non negotiable.To get Caroline’s look, take a trip to J.Crew or find a darling dress online at Lily Pulitzer.

Actress Beth Behrs tones down the girliness and ups the sexiness in real life. The 27-year-old definitely takes more fashion risks then Caroline Channing ever would. In what seems like two different fashion mentalities, the actress experiments with colour but also sports a lot of black! Her red carpet looks include form fitting dresses, stylish LBDs and plenty of embellishments. Beth’s off-screen style is sassy and sophisticated and could be achieved by making a stop at Topshop.