05/29/2013 04:49 EDT | Updated 05/29/2013 05:00 EDT

Photo Of Toronto Cop Mark Borsboom Tying Senior's Shoes Is Touching

A photo of Toronto police officer Mark Borsboom tying a sick senior citizen's shoes is restoring faith in humanity in a city that's had a rough couple of weeks.

The picture was taken by marketer Jason Cassidy near the Rogers Centre and quickly went viral after it was posted to Twitter and Instagram on Tuesday evening.

The post had been retweeted nearly 400 times by late Wednesday afternoon.

The Toronto Police got in on the action, re-posting the picture of Borsboom's good deed on its Twitter page.

Cassidy told the National Post that he first thought Borsboom was searching the man for drugs, but snapped a picture when he realized he was actually witnessing a touching good deed.

“I kind of went, oh my god... I have to share this,” Cassidy said to the Post. "We need positive stories like this that aren’t often in the media.”

You can read some of the best reactions to the photo on Twitter in the slideshow below.

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