05/29/2013 01:56 EDT | Updated 05/29/2013 02:29 EDT

WATCH: Silvergun & Spleen's Furry-Filled Video For The Song 'Crack' (NSFW)

Ottawa rock band Silvergun & Spleen released a new music video for the song "Crack" today, but it has far less to do with controversial Toronto mayors than what might be Sesame Street After Dark. Or a masochistic version of "The Muppet Show."

The three-minute, sixteen-second video starts out innocently enough as a series of people in furry mascot outfits/animal costumes enter a hall and dig into the buffet and drink. The band — with sisters Marie-Eve and Veronique Mallet dressed in bunny costumes — perform as the animals look on and dance.

However, a minute in things take a different turn, with simulated foreplay as tails are slapped across backsides and other tails being suggestively swung around. From there it's an all-out simulated orgy with plush bears on top of each other, a gorilla being Danny Brown-ed and a rabbit and panda gettin' down. We won't try to describe what the tiger is doing with the elephant's trunk.

Silvergun & Spleen have been quite busy tweeting the video link to various celebrities including Howard Stern, Seth Rogen, Ke$ha and others with hashtags like #crack #toronto #canada #robford.