05/29/2013 12:27 EDT | Updated 05/29/2013 12:37 EDT

Sportsnet Hockey Central's Twitter Account Hacked For 5 Days


Sportsnet's Hockey Central's Twitter account fell victim to hackers last week. They're not the first media outlet to have their Twitter account breached by hackers but they might be the first to not notice that something was amiss for five days.

The account, @SNhockeycentral, with more than 15,000 followers, has been spewing pornographic links since Saturday, reported Deadspin and a number of other blogs. The network regained control of their account on Wednesday morning and quickly apologized.

The dozens of pornographic links have also been deleted.

Yahoo! Canada's Andrew Bucholtz has collected some of the tweets and needless to say they are probably not safe for work.

What's worse is that a number of users sent tweets to Sportsnet telling them about the twitter account had been hacked.

Sportsnet can take solace in the fact they're in good media company. The BBC, the Financial Times and joke site the Onion have been victims of hackers. Twitter finally rolled out two-factor authentication this month to improve security and curb hacking.

A hack of the Associated Press twitter feed briefly caused a stock market crash in April. But the Sportsnet twitter hacking resulted only in some cheeky remarks from hockey fans and at least one parody account.