05/30/2013 11:57 EDT | Updated 05/31/2013 08:30 EDT

Cheri DiNovo's Staff Posts Hilarious Burger Week Tweet

Ontario MPP Cheri DiNovo, or at least a member of her staff, must really love burgers.

"GUYS I FORGOT ITS MOTHERF***ING BURGER WEEK. IT'S LIKE THEY KNOW IT'S MY BIRTHDAY SOON," a tweet from DiNovo's account stated on Thursday morning.

cheri di novo burger

The tweet was quickly deleted and a staffer followed it up with a sheepish Twitter apology.

Judging from the friendly ribbing from Twitter users it seems like the staffer's gaffe was a harmless one. But we bet they'll be checking their tweets a bit more carefully now.

DiNovo is the NDP MPP for Parkdale-High Park in Toronto and a United Church of Canada minister.