05/30/2013 10:07 EDT | Updated 05/30/2013 10:09 EDT

Cody, Screaming Dog, Unleashes A Wail Like Nothing You've Ever Heard (VIDEO)

When it comes to Cody the screaming dog, words truly fail us.

The little fella seems happy enough, but when worked up into a frenzy by his apparent owners, the Maltese unleashes a barrage of blood-curdling human-like screams.

Oh, and wags his adorable tail the whole time.

While there is some debate on YouTube and Reddit about whether Cody is lip-syncing — the humans around him seem to mightily encourage him — there's little debate that this dog could scare the bejesus out of an intruder.

Or passerby. Or the guy sitting at the desk beside you at this very moment.

(Good time to let him know it's only a dog.)

"Imagine walking by their house at night and you hear that from their backyard," writes one YouTube commenter. "You would run for your life in fear thinking someone was being attacked and you might be next."

Others point out an eerie parallel between the dog's supposed voice and THIS guy:

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