05/29/2013 08:19 EDT | Updated 07/30/2013 05:12 EDT

Rehtaeh Parsons' Father Frustrated By Lack Of Charges

The father of Rehteah Parsons says his family is “bewildered” that police have yet to lay any charges in the case of his daughter, who took her own life after she was allegedly raped and then bullied online.

Glen Canning spoke to CBC News after hearing of an unrelated case in Nova Scotia that had parallels with his daughter’s story.

Parsons took her own life in April. Her family said she was bullied after a photo taken during an alleged sexual assault was circulated online.

On Wednesday, Halifax Regional Police charged a 14-year-old boy with making and distributing child pornography. Police allege he recorded a consensual sexual act without the consent of the under-aged victim and posted it on a social media website.

Canning applauded the charges.

“I would like to think in my heart that they definitely took this more seriously because of Rehtaeh’s case,” he said. “That is a goal that myself and her family, that we are trying to achieve right now.”

Canning said he’s sickened by the amount of disrespect he sees among teens.

“It’s a disease. It’s a sick disease. And I hope that girl can deal with this and get through this, I really do. To have something humiliating like that happen to her, it can be deadly.”

Parsons investigation continues

Canning said that his family is still waiting for answers. His daughter’s case was first brought to police a year ago.

“We’re still frustrated because you talk to police and they’re like ‘Yeah, we have warrants out to try to get information from social media companies and nothing’s going to happen any time soon.’”

He said his family will continue to push for justice.

“We’ve always believed it wasn’t treated seriously from the beginning,” he said.

The case was reopened after police said new information came out after Parsons died.

Several reviews were started into the handling of the Parsons case after her death made international headlines.

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