05/30/2013 10:49 EDT | Updated 05/30/2013 12:58 EDT

Rob Ford vs. The Toronto Star: Whom Do you Trust?

The ongoing Rob Ford "crack video" saga has become a daily ‘he-said, media-said’ affair, with stunning allegations made by unnamed sources in the newspapers, followed by silence or firm denials from the mayor and his inner circle.

The Toronto mayor has done his best to brush off allegations he was caught smoking illicit drugs from a glass “crack” pipe on a video reportedly being shopped around by men connected to the city’s drug trade.

Ford says he does not smoke crack and he denies the video exists. The Toronto Star claims its reporters watched the video and described it in detail

— as did Gawker editor John Cook, who broke the story.

Still, many Ford supporters believe the mayor over the newspaper. Others say they can’t be sure without seeing the alleged video, which has yet to surface. (This raises another interesting question about why a journalist’s word in the absence of evidence is no longer good enough for the public).

Of course, the mayor has had a long, stormy history with the newspaper that precedes this scandal. Ford has repeatedly accused The Star of a having a vendetta against him. Many in "Ford Nation" believe The Star has been unfair in its coverage of Toronto's chief magistrate.

On Thursday, The Star, quoting unnamed sources, reported that Ford had told his staff he knew the location of the video after the story broke. The mayor’s office has yet to respond to these latest allegations.

All of this makes us wonder, whom do you trust more? The Toronto Star or Rob Ford?

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