05/31/2013 02:44 EDT | Updated 05/31/2013 03:09 EDT

Dan Aykroyd Calgary Murder Photos: Pictures In Landfill Spark Investigation By Homicide Detectives

Professional zeal on the part of homicide investigators turned to confusion when the perpetrator in what looked like photos of a homicide, which were found in a Calgary landfill, turned out to be actor Dan Aykroyd.

But instead of being proof of a horrific crime, the photos turned out to be evidence of a horrific film flop, said Calgary Police Service spokeswoman Emma Poole.

The photos were found by a landfill worker labouring at the city dump.

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Dan Aykroyd Cleared Of Murder

The pictures, which were described by Poole as 35 mm-style images, were handed over to homicide investigators after they were turned in to the service by the diligent landfill employee.

"When you look at the photos, which were pretty dirty originally, it's pretty clear that it is a guy leaning over another guy who has some pretty severe chest injuries," said Poole.

"The homicide investigators cleaned up the photos and very quickly realized that the guy in the photos was Dan Aykroyd."

Wanting to be certain, investigators spent hours going through Aykroyd films in order to match the photos to one of his films but came out empty handed, said Poole.

Detectives then called Aykroyd's rep and asked him if the actor would be able to identify the movie the photos were from.

Aykroyd complied and identified the images as belonging to a movie most people haven't seen - 'Loose Cannons.'

Although the whole thing is now good for a laugh, Poole said the landfill worker did the right thing.

"When you see the dirty image, it really does look like a homicide," she said.

"We'd rather laugh about it now than be missing a critical piece of evidence of a cold case."

When reached for comment by TMZ, Aykroyd said investigators could be forgiven for not recognizing the film, adding "the movie should have been left in the landfill where it belongs."