06/02/2013 01:09 EDT | Updated 08/02/2013 05:12 EDT

Rob Ford Rap Video From Charron Is Pretty Awesome (EXPLICIT)

The Rob Ford pop cultural moment has reached another landmark: a rap video.

Last week, Ottawa rapper Charron released a song titled "Smoking Crack With Rob Ford" about a getting high (allegedly... OK, fictionally) with Toronto's now-notorious mayor.

On Saturday, Charron shot an actual video for the track, visiting the anti-Ford protest at City Hall and other notable spots in the T-dot.

The video hit YouTube Sunday and is already racking up views. Well deserved, since it features an energetic performance from Charron, a healthy does of Torontiana and seems to have been made in a single day.

Fair warning that the lyrics to the song and some parts of the video are pretty explicit.

Rob Ford has denied allegations that there is a video floating around of him smoking what appears to be crack cocaine. The footage in Charron's video is purportedly not that alleged video.

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