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Best Tippers In The World? Look To The Germans, TripAdvisor Survey Says

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Travel to Germany and you can expect beer, bratwurst and lederhosen but what about generous tippers?

Yes, tipping and travelling often go hand-in-hand and according to a recent study, the hospitality industry ought to keep their arms wide open to German globe-trotters since the are, self-admittingly, the best tippers in the world. In TripAdvisor's tipping survey, Germans came out on top as the nationality most likely to leave gratuities, with 69 per cent of respondents leaving a tip.

But on the other end of the spectrum were Italians, with 23 per cent of the surveyed saying they always leave it a tip while travelling. The study polled 9,000 travellers across a total of eight countries, including the Spain, Britain, France, Brazil, Russia and the United States, which came up in second place with 57 per cent admitting to always tipping whether it be at restaurants, hotels, or for taxis.

For many travellers from North America, tipping apprehension comes from the uncertainty of how much to give, notes NBC. Too much and you've duped yourself, not enough and you may have just insulted your server. Not surprisingly, three-quarters of polled Americans said they brought tipping conversion charts to find out the appropriate amount, according to Skift.

While the expectation for tips varies where you are in the world (most North American establishments expect tips, while in parts of Asia, tips are considered offensive as they suggest that the employer is underpaying a server), rounding up to the nearest whole number and telling someone to keep the change is generally a safe practice.

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