Accidental Stolen Lunch Note Is Hilarious (PHOTO)

The office lunch thief is one of the most reviled people in the contemporary office. Second only to the guy who clips his nails at his desk (really, people?) and the loud phone talker.

But what if the office lunch thief wasn't a sneaky-fingered Yogi Bear wannabe but someone who made an honest mistake? This scenario actually happened here at The Huffington Post Canada's Toronto offices on Tuesday. One of our staffers, who will remain anonymous, accidentally ate a tupperware of lasagna that he thought his girlfriend had packed for him the night before.

Turns out he was mistaken. "It was fine lasagna. It just wasn't my lasagna," the sheepish person said. A call to his girlfriend confirmed that lasagna was not on the dinner menu the night before.

He quickly wrote this note apologizing for the theft.

"I accidentally ate your lasagna. I thought it was my leftovers. I'm really sorry," the note reads.

When asked what he would do if contacted by the rightful owner of the lasagna, our very own office Garfield said he'd make it up to them.

"I'm going to buy them lunch," he said.

Have you ever been a victim of lunch theft? What did you do?

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