06/04/2013 04:16 EDT | Updated 07/23/2013 11:39 EDT

Best Man Speech Anxiety? Examples & Tips So You Kill It (VIDEO)

As summer weddings approach so too does the anxiety for those chosen to be best man or maid of honour.

And in the case of the best man, nothing is more stressful than preparing a speech for the big day.

The pressure not to disappoint can be intense and many young men, who often don't know the first thing about weddings, freak out when faced with writing a touching toast for the bride and groom.

For those facing this important life milestone for the first time, we've prepared a list of hints and examples to help you get through the process. Below you'll find the 18 things you need to know to kill your speech and the 20 funniest examples to help inspire you.

How To Kill The Best Man Speech

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The Best Best Man Speeches On YouTube

Be Funny

Humour is the key to a successful speech from a best man. It's the defining characteristic of all the most popular speeches on YouTube.

But Not Too Funny

This isn't a stand-up routine and you don't want the speech to end up being all about you.

Because You Want To Be Touching Too

After you make 'em laugh, make 'em cry.

Be British

Of the three most popular best man speeches on YouTube, two feature British men. Ladies love the accent, ask anyone.

Don't Be Drunk

Think of it as a reward for giving a good speech.

Tell A Story

If you're having trouble, think of your favourite stories with the groom. Now remove all the salacious details and add some "ahhh" factor.

Be Short

Two or three minutes is the low end and 10 the high. Don't go less or more than that. Remember, the parents are likely to drone on interminably. Spare your audience.

Be Prepared

Write the thing down or have detailed notes.

But Not Too Prepared

Don't memorize it and don't read it word for word. You want to sound natural.

Relax, Nobody Is Going To Remember This

Seriously, half the audience is already drunk, the other half is barely listening.

Unless You Really Screw Up

Don't fall, don't swear, don't mess up the names and don't talk about the exes.

Thank The Families

Parents of the bride and groom. Tell them they did good with the little ones.

And Don't Screw Up Their Names

Ask around before the reception if you're not sure.

Thank The Guests

Especially the ones from out of town.

Leave Out The Party Stories

Especially the bachelor party. Even if it was tame, nobody wants to hear about it.

Don't Forget The Bride

Even if you don't know much about her, you HAVE TO mention her in the speech. Compliment the dress. Remind him she's way too good for him.

Raise A Toast

Natural ending.

Remember That No Matter What Happens, At Least You're Not This Guy