06/04/2013 11:34 EDT | Updated 08/04/2013 05:12 EDT

Doug Ford No Longer Such An Exciting Candidate For Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak


TORONTO - The ongoing controversy surrounding Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is apparently making his councillor brother Doug a less attractive potential candidate for Ontario's Progressive Conservatives.

Just two months ago, PC Leader Tim Hudak said he would love to welcome Doug Ford to the Tories' list of candidates in the next provincial election and said he was "excited" to have the councillor on board the Tory team.

Party insiders were hoping a Doug Ford candidacy would help give the Tories a much-needed breakthrough in Toronto, where they hold no seats.

But now that the scandal involving Mayor Ford and his alleged use of illegal drugs has gone global, the Tories are apparently having second thoughts about his brother.

Asked today if Councillor Ford would still be a good candidate for the Conservatives, Hudak was definitely no longer excited at the prospect.

Hudak said if Doug Ford decides to run when the election is called, he would have to seek the nomination through the local PC riding association.

The Conservative leader then declined to take any further questions about Ford as a potential candidate, even though the party has been actively nominating candidates without waiting for an election call.

"When the election time does come around, candidates will declare, including the councillor if he wants to run or not," said Hudak.

"We don't know when the election will be, so we'll answer those questions when we have an election."

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