06/04/2013 03:28 EDT | Updated 06/05/2013 09:36 EDT

Saudi Prince's Disneyland Party Cost Almost $20 Million

Dreams do come true at Disneyland.

And if you have some sweet, royal Saudi cash in your pockets, they can come true for a full weekend.

According to BBC News, Saudi Prince Fahd al-Saud booked parts of the theme park near Paris for the weekend of May 22-24, to celebrate his graduation.

For $19.5 million, Al-Saud’s party included more than 60 guests, special security and the appearance of "rare Disney characters" like Roger and Jessica Rabbit, The Telegraph reports.

"The prince had fun. He was there all along, but we are not allowed to speak about him, that was the order," said Julien Guedon, editor of Disney Gazette, whose correspondent was on the Saudi royal’s guest list.

"The prince had the park to himself early morning and after the official closing time at 11pm," he said. "The rest of the time, it was open to normal visitors, invited to meet some of the characters he had shipped in."

The company that manages Disneyland, Euro Disney, confirmed that a prince had spent three days there with guests, adding that the park routinely holds private parties for companies and people, Arabian Business reports.

But even the prince’s lavish party wasn’t enough of a boost for the ailing company, which has not coughed up a profit since 1992.

Euro Disney lost 120.9 million euros ($156 million) in the first half of fiscal 2012, compared with a loss of 99.5 million euros ($130 million) in the same period a year earlier, BBC News reports.

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