06/04/2013 10:48 EDT | Updated 06/04/2013 11:20 EDT

Singapore Airlines Turbulence: In-Flight Meals Go Flying (VIDEO)

Breakfast got served.

According to ABC News, an extreme bout of turbulence aboard a Singapore Airlines flight to London ended up splashing the in-flight meal all over the plane.

Alan Cross. a passenger on Singapore Airlines flight SQ308, captured the astounding aftermath of the upturned meals, posting a series of rather unappetizing images to Instagram.

No one seems to have availed themselves of the five-second rule.

Check out some of these images from the ill-fated feast, courtesy Toronto's Alan Cross:

Coffee Or Tea?

singapore airlines tubulence

Cleanup In Aisle 7

singapore airlines turbulence

Dessert Is Cancelled

singapore airlines turbulence

Following the incident, the airline released this statement:

“Eleven passengers and one crew member sustained minor injuries when the aircraft experienced a sudden loss of altitude and were attended to by medical personnel on arrival at Heathrow Airport. Seat-belt signs were on at the time and meal services had already been suspended.”

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