06/05/2013 03:09 EDT | Updated 06/06/2013 10:34 EDT

Jumbo Hostel Turns Boeing 747 Jet Into Hotel At Stockholm Arlanda Airport (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Sleeping on a plane can be a tough endeavour. Space is tight, you're surrounded by people and there's never enough leg room, let alone lumbar support for the weary traveller -- unless your plane also doubles as a hostel.

Case in point: the Jumbo Hostel. Once a Boeing 747, this former jumbo jet now sits parked at the Stockholm-Arlanda Airport, offering travellers something different from the typical European hostel experience. Back in January, the hostel marked its anniversary commemorating four years since the plane's 450 chairs were ripped out to make space for 27 rooms.

There are a total of 79 beds, with the average room housing three of them, though the exclusive cockpit suite gets its own bed, stunning view and ensuite washroom, while everyone else must share washrooms in true hostel fashion, notes the Daily Mail.There's also a small galley kitchen for guests to grab something small to eat, converse over a cup of coffee or use the free WI-FI.

While inventive, the hostel isn't the first plane to be recycled into something new. Back in 2001, a South Korean restaurateur bought a defunct Boeing 747 jet to turn it into a restaurant near Seoul, South Korea, according to travel blog Urban Ghosts. However, the restaurant went bankrupt in 2010 and is now nothing but scraps. Guess nobody wants to eat airplane food unless they really have to.

For a closer look inside the Jumbo Hostel, check out the gallery below.

Stockholm's Jumbo Hostel

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