06/06/2013 01:07 EDT | Updated 06/06/2013 01:10 EDT

Mike Savage, Halifax Mayor, Looks <em>Exactly</em> Like Brad Pitt (VIDEO)

As he strolled through a Halifax store, the city's mayor acknowledged the hardest part of his job isn't dealing with paperwork or citizens' needs -- it's being constantly compared to Brad Pitt.

"I know what you're thinking, the camera adds 10 pounds," he joked.

Mayor Mike Savage appeared in a YouTube video poking fun at himself as part of a short spot for Paint What Matters, a contest run by paint company Benjamin Moore that gives North American municipalities a chance to win a makeover for their main street. Citizens can vote for their municipality on the contest's website. Those that make it into the top 20 will win a paint job for three blocks of their main street.

In the video, Savage walks around the store, trying on a fedora and looking at himself in the mirror as the cashier and customers gasp and stare.

"Brad Pitt was passed over for Keanu Reeves in the role in The Matrix", he says. "I wasn't in The Matrix either."

Pitt heads up charitable organization "Make It Right", which is involved in promoting the Main Street Matters campaign, part of the reason Savage focused on him in the video.

"One thing Brad Pitt and I can agree on: Main Street matters, and I want YOU to vote for Halifax," Savage says.

The mayor, who has only been in office since October 2012, also served as a Liberal MP for the riding of Dartmouth-Cole Harbour for seven years.

Comments on the video were positive, but one commenter lamented that not every Canadian city had a mayor like Savage.

"Unlike Toronto, Halifax has a video of our mayor we can not only locate, but show to the public!" wrote Downtownnomesayn.

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