06/06/2013 12:03 EDT | Updated 08/06/2013 05:12 EDT

Puck Over Glass: TSN's Hilarious Music Video On The Most Dreaded Penalty In Hockey

Your team is tied in a tight game, the offence is pressuring and your otherwise reliable defenceman lifts the puck high in the air and over the glass. The referee's arm goes up. Heads hang low and the player skates to the penalty box. Your team has just suffered the worst penalty in hockey, the delay of game aka "puck over glass." Oh pucking hell!

TSN knows how you feel dear hockey fan and did this hilarious musical number about the dreaded penalty. Anytime a bunch of hockey pundits want to dress up in robes and faux-sing, we're up for it.

Also, guys, next time more cowbell!

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