06/06/2013 12:17 EDT

Rob Ford On Jimmy Kimmel: Crack Video Good For Tourism?

Hope for finding the alleged video may be fadingbut that hasn't stopped comedians from cracking a few jokes at Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and the city's tourism.

Late-night comedian Jimmy Kimmel took another shot at Toronto's embattled mayor Tuesday night, calling him out on a comment he made on Kiss 92.5 FM, a local radio station, last weekend on whether the controversy surrounding the mayor and a video allegedly showing him smoking crack was damaging the city. Ford has denied the video exists but suggested any publicity is good publicity.

"No, any time you get Toronto on the map," Kimmel quotes Ford's, before showing a minimalist map of North America with mayors accused of smoking crack to appear (spoiler: it's an exclusive club).

The entire quote actually has Ford praising the city for its arts, culture, entertainment, restaurants and sports teams, points out. But this is late-night television and there's no time for that as Kimmel then cuts to a fake Toronto tourism ad with a Rob Ford double promoting the city's offerings, such as the zoo, the Hockey Hall of Fame and the fact that the Royal Ontario Museum kind of looks like a gram of crack. Oh, and it includes lines like this this:

"The CN Tower is over 1850 feet tall. Take a ride to the top, you'll be so high," the Ford double shouts.

You can watch the clip in its entirety below:

While the media circus surrounding Ford has drawn international attention, it's also brought in travellers interested in "disaster tourism", according to Don Peat of the Toronto Sun, who spoke to David Climenhaga and David Cournoyer, two Albertans visiting Toronto's city hall during a break from a conference.

“We thought about going to the CN Tower but we thought the mayor’s office would probably be a more exciting visit considering everything what has been going on,” Cournoyer told the Sun.

Has Rob Ford's crack controversy turned you on or off travelling to Toronto? Feel free to sound off in the comments below

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