06/06/2013 03:05 EDT | Updated 06/06/2013 04:50 EDT

Sarah Thomson Video: Rob Ford Drug Allegations Take Centre Stage In Transit Video

The message in Sarah Thomson's music video is obscured, literally, by a great puff of white smoke.

It seems that some rather hefty figure is smoking something in a pipe and looking all nefarious in the civic activist's latest, err, music video -- a call to arms against Toronto's transit tax.

But with all the subtlety of a sledgehammer, the editor of Women's Post magazine appears to crack a joke at Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's expense -- a joke she didn't hesitate to play on Internet folk everywhere.

Very early Thursday morning, she wrote on Facebook, "Women's Post has the video! Just trying to get our video server embedded...releasing it tomorrow at noon."

Needless to say, a stir ensued. (Remember, this is the woman who terrorized us with Ass-Gate.)

"Video of Ford?" one reader asked. "Or is this a different subject?"

THE (alleged) VIDEO?

Turns out, Thomson was in full troll mode.

The clip, when it landed, featured the aforementioned puff of smoke for a few seconds, before chiming in with a feel-bad message about the woeful state of Toronto public transit.

But it's all good.

With a catchy chorus like, 'We're not broken, just bent. And we can learn to move again,' it's easy to forget the ham-fisted trickery.

Besides, Thomson does apologize in a YouTube note:

"Sorry for tricking you. But please join the cause Toronto needs transit and we must start talking about it. Please share if you believe we should invest in subways and transit expansion."

YouTube commenters were not amused.

"I don't know what's worse," wrote Todd M. "The production value of this video or the lame way you scammed people into watching it."

NOTE TO SARAH: It's not the worst song we've ever heard. But leave the video spoofing to this cat.

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