06/07/2013 05:25 EDT | Updated 08/07/2013 05:12 EDT

Ballot box, voting book missing in Vancouver-Langara

Elections B.C. says 141 completed ballots, 259 blank ballots and a book of voters' personal information went missing in the riding Vancouver-Langara on May 14.

At a news conference Friday — more than three weeks after the provincial election — officials said the ballots were with a ballot box and voting book, which contained the personal information for close to 300 voters in the riding.

Chief electoral officer Keith Archer says the information in the missing voting books varies, but may contain names, home addresses, signatures, and in some cases birth dates or driver's licence numbers.

He said the materials from Vancouver-Langage voting area 18 went missing the night of the election somewhere between nearby Sir William Van Horne Elementary School, where the ballots were counted, and the district electoral office at 8268 Granville Street.

He says it took time to be sure the information was in fact missing.

"Once we confirmed that the information was not in our possession, I believe it was important to make a speedy, or in all due speed, to get in touch with all of those individuals who are in voting area and to make an announcement such as this," Archer said Friday.

Elections B.C. has sent letters to all the residential addresses Vancouver-Langara voting area 18, and contacted the B.C. Information and Privacy Commissioner and the Vancouver Police Department. The affected voting area is seven blocks at the southeast of the Riley Park-Little Mountain neighbourhood and the northeast corner of the Oakridge neighbourhood.

As the missing ballots had already been counted, the re-election of Liberal incumbent Moira Stilwell is not affected, Archer said.

Stillwell was re-elected with 10,234 votes, or 52.6 per cent of the riding's votes, beating out NDP candidate George Chow by 2,787 votes.