National Doughnut Day 2013: 100 Drool-Worthy Doughnuts From Around The Web

Did we really need a day to celebrate the oh-so wonderful deep-fried doughnut? Yes, yes we did.

Well readers, June 7, (the first Friday of June every year) marks National Doughnut (or Donut) Day.

Now, this may just be Homer Simpson's favourite holiday, but the day actually dates back to 1938, when the Salvation Army made an official holiday to honour women who gave out doughnuts to people who served WWI.

Now these days the buzz may be about cake pops and gourmet cupcakes, but recently these circular treats have sort of made a comeback. In New York, the cronut (combination of a doughnut and croissant) has become so popular, there's now a black market of fakes. Here in the Great North, it's fair to say Tim Hortons Timbits have become somewhat of morning-time staple.

So to celebrate our new favourite holiday, we gathered 100 of the most drool-worthy pictures to share with your friends.

LOOK — 100 of the best (and most Canadian) doughnuts from around the web:

Best Doughnuts From Around The Web