06/08/2013 12:18 EDT | Updated 06/08/2013 12:50 EDT

Wolf Pack In Banff: Remote Cameras Capture First Images Of Alberta Wolf Pack (VIDEO)

Remote cameras have captured what may be the first images of an elusive wolf pack in Banff National Park.

The video footage above was released earlier this week, and captured at what parks personnel refer to as a communications hub - normally kill sites or trees used by bears to rub up against.

Wolves are considered one of the most elusive large animals in the mountain parks, making the latest video-graphic capture by Parks Canada an exciting one for the agency.

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"This spring, our monitoring team was surprised to find a series of stunning images showing three wolves leaving their mark at a communication tree up the 40-mile Creek valley," Parks Canada said in a statement.

"After carefully comparing our knowledge of the Bow Valley pack (generally black and grizzled gray in colour) and the Fairholme pack (all gray), we determined that these three wolves don’t belong to either one."

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Referred to as Neo Trio, the upper Cascade Valley/Panther wolf pack caught on the video are more elusive than the other two packs, likely sticking to more remote terrain, the agency states.