06/11/2013 12:40 EDT

Ball Hockey Fight: 2013 Championship Sees Major Fight Erupt (VIDEO)

A massive brawl broke out at a ball hockey playoff game between Canada and the Czech Republic over the weekend, sending a referee to hospital, Sun Media reports.

The fight erupted with one second left in the 2013 World Hockey Championship game in Newfoundland, as Canada was losing 5-1.

In the video, Canada's Justin Pender pushes a referee out of the way to chase a Czech opponent down the rink. When Pender catches up to the player, he throws a hail of punches, while the crowd cheers loudly from the stands.

Two more officials, along with the Czech goalie step in to try and break it up. As a result, one of the officials, according to CBC News, was sent to hospital.

Pender has since tweeted an apology, saying "After the hockey game was over I let the behaviour of a member on the opposing team anger me. My response to the taunting was misguided and someone was injured because of it."

The YouTube video has already been viewed by more than 135,000 people it was posted on Saturday.

And on Monday, his teammate Terry Ryan tweeted, "I was on the floor 4 the Justin Pender incident & stand by him. There's a lot more 2 the story."

The story for the Canadian men's ball hockey team, on the other hand, is at an end -- the squad settled for the bronze medal at the tournament.

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