06/11/2013 02:04 EDT | Updated 06/11/2013 06:49 EDT

Beaver Starts Fire In Maple Ridge


Nothing could be more Canadian, eh?

That was the response on Reddit to news that the prime suspect in a small brush fire that broke out on B.C.'s Lougheed Highway Monday was a beaver.

Reddit user, r/POLITIC posted a Tweet from @ScanBC with the title, "Could there be a more Canadian headline?"

The pesky critter had been hard at work demolishing a tree that finally fell onto power lines, causing a fire, Maple Ridge Fire Chief Peter Grootendorst told CBC.

When fire crews arrived, the only signs of the destructive rodent were its tell-tale markings on the base of the tree, Grootendorst said.

It was not the first time a busy beaver has thrown Maple Ridge traffic into chaos.

In 2005, another tree was gnawed down just a few blocks east of Monday's incident, falling directly onto a moving pickup truck, Maple Ridge News Reported.

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