06/11/2013 12:22 EDT

Paulina Gretzky's Luxurious Movie Date: Wayne Gretzky's Daughter Isn't Like Us (PHOTO)

Need more proof that Paulina Gretzky isn't like the rest of us?

Wayne Gretzky's daughter upped up the ante in needless luxury when she posted an Instagram pic of herself cuddled up under a blanket with a friend in a dimmed movie theatre.

But it wasn't just any theatre; the multiplex featured wide leather seats, table lamps and mini-trays. Even the daughters of fabulously wealthy Canadians have better movie theatres than we do!

The Flare covergirl captioned the pic "I wonder if I'm the only person who brings their own blanket to the movie theatre..@kmelnichenko @kushiebear" We can actually relate to the aspiring singer on that point. It gets freezing cold at the movies!

At least the 24-year-old remembered to cover up rather than wear one of her many, many bikinis. In fact, the jet-setter didn't look like her usual self; in lieu of crop tops,cleavage and sunnies, Paulina sported hipster glasses, disheveled hair and a simple black tee underneath a hoodie.

What have you done with the real Paulina Gretzky??

This is the one, true Paulina:

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