06/11/2013 03:22 EDT | Updated 08/11/2013 05:12 EDT

Peter Penashue Says $25,000 Innu Loan Has Been Repaid

Former Conservative cabinet minister Peter Penashue says he's repaid a $25,000 loan from an Innu group.

Penashue told CBC News in a phone interview today that the CEO of Innu Development Limited Partnership assured him the money had been received.

Penashue's campaign got the loan following the May 2, 2011, election. Campaign records show his former official agent, Reg Bowers, had bounced several cheques and that the bank account was empty despite several outstanding invoices.

Bowers was replaced as Penashue's official agent after the election agency raised multiple questions about the campaign filing.

Penashue resigned his seat following a controversy over campaign spending and corporate donations, revealed by a CBC News investigation, and lost a byelection to Liberal Yvonne Jones last month.

One of IDLP's two CEOs, Luke Rich, told CBC News that he couldn't immediately confirm the repayment because the organization's chief financial officer is recovering from surgery.

The loan was due to be repaid by May 2, 2013, after Penashue's campaign requested an extension.

Elections Canada records in Penashue's file don't include any indication of the repayment. The agency requires those records to be filed following an election.

The deadline for filing the loan repayment records was June 2.

Penashue's new official agent, Sandra Troster, didn't immediately return a call requesting more information. Troster was the chief financial officer for the Conservative Party, but a resume posted under her name on a social media site says she left that job last October.

A spokesman for the Conservative Party didn't immediately return a call for comment.

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