06/12/2013 12:55 EDT

When Is Tough Mudder Whistler?

On June 22 and 23, scores of extreme athletes will descend on the Whistler Olympic Park for Tough Mudder, an obstacle course that shocks, shakes and pounds you until your body can take no more.

Athletes train for months to tackle the 16- to 19-kilometre obstacle course that takes place at various locations around the world.

The course begins with "Arctic Enema," an icy swim that forces competitors to dive under a wooden plank and come out the other side before they get hypothermia.

Next, competitors endure "Bale Bonds," in which they clamber over and through tall haystacks while dodging pitchforks hidden inside.

Other obstacles include "Devil's Beard," in which racers climb under a cargo net that's bolted to the ground; "Fire Walker," a run through pits of burning wood; and perhaps most extreme of all, "Electroshock Therapy," a field of live wires that carry as much as 10,000 volts.

Registration for Tough Mudder Whistler remains open but spots are going fast. Tickets are $180 for the June 22 event and $170 for the course on June 23.

Registering for the obstacle course gets you a Tough Mudder-branded headband, a t-shirt and a free beer at the end.

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