06/12/2013 06:22 EDT | Updated 06/13/2013 01:10 EDT

Brian Whitlock, Captain The Dog's Killer, Sentenced To 60 Days


Brian Whitlock has been sentenced to 60-days in jail for beating a dog with a baseball bat and leaving him for dead in a Vancouver dumpster.

Whitlock was also given three years probation and a lifetime ban on owning pets by a judge on Wednesday, CBC News reported.

Inside the courthouse, animal rights activists were shocked to hear the length of sentence he was given, their reaction prompting the judge to threaten to clear the court, reported CKNW.

Earlier this year, Whitlock pleaded guilty to the fatal beating of Captain, his German shepherd. Captain was found wrapped in a blood-soaked blanket in a pile of garbage in July 2012.

Whitlock’s lawyers blamed the incident on mental illness during a sentencing hearing last week, saying that Whitlock thought Captain was poisoned after the dog started behaving strangely after a meal.

As a result, Whitlock decided to“put him out of his misery”, reported the National Post.

Whitlock will also receive credit for the time he has already served and could be released in as early as seven days, News 1130 Radio reports.

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