06/12/2013 05:42 EDT | Updated 07/09/2015 10:59 EDT

Wedding Songs: 17 Cheesy, Popular Tunes For A Father-Daughter Dance

Summer love. It's not just about new whirlwind romances but about weddings, family vacations and spending quality time with your dear ones.

It's also a time to celebrate the original No. 1 man in your life for Father's Day. We spoke to Toronto-based radio and TV personality Taylor Kaye about the most popular, cheesy and classic father-daughter songs. Dancing with your dad is sentimental to begin with, so why not milk it, right?

Kaye, a host on radio station KISS 92.5, says one music theme that's making a comeback in father-daughter dances is country.

"If you look at some of the country artists who are on mainstream TV maybe that's why ... Blake Shelton on 'The Voice.' Keith Urban on 'Idol', Kellie Pickler winning 'Dancing With the Stars,'" she says.

"Their songs may not be on the list, but for sure their country roots may be influencing how brides are picking their songs. Country lyrics seem to hit home for father daughter dances."

If you think it's hard to get even more cutesy, check out this hilarious father-daughter dance mash-ups.

We've also got a list of the top 25 non-cheesy father-daughter songs. What is your favourite father-daughter song? Let know in the comments below.

LOOK — 17 cheesy father-daughter songs

"Butterfly" — Mariah Carey

Taylor Kaye: "Someone get me some tissues puuuulease!"

"Hero" — Mariah Carey

Taylor Kaye: "Ditto with this Mariah track. What is it about Mariah’s voice?!"

"Unforgettable" — Nat and Natalie King Cole

Taylor Kaye: "So sweet the father daughter duet. I’ve seen a father daughter lip sync this and it was really cute. (Maybe I had too much wine at the wedding though.)"

"Changes" — Kelly and Ozzy Osbourne

Taylor Kaye: If you’re an Ozzy fan, why not? I could see this at a goth/punk themed wedding.

"Stand By Me" — Ben E. King

Taylor Kaye: "This is for the old school dad that wants to show some moves with his daughter."

"Fields of Gold" — Sting

Taylor Kaye: "Sting. Period."

"I Hope You Dance" — Lee Ann Womack

Taylor Kaye: "Kinda of an inspiring song. Not sure if it’s a father/daughter dance but who’s to say. Hey, we are!"

"Daddy's Little Girl" — David Glenn

Taylor Kaye: "More country. More crying. Doesn’t matter who the country artist is. If it’s a father/daughter dance and it’s a country song...bring out the tissues for me."

"Butterfly Kisses" — Bob Carlisle

Taylor Kaye: "If I see a father and daughter on the dance floor “actually” giving each other butterfly may see me run for the open bar — blah! OH, and it better be open or I ain’t there!"

"Fix You" — Coldplay

Taylor Kaye: "OMG, Coldplay, how can you go wrong? This would be great for the hip urban father/daughter dance."

"Love Me Tender" — Elvis

Taylor Kaye: "Too slow for me, so I’d pass this one, but it is the KING!"

"If You Really Love Her, Let Her Go" — Chris De Burgh

Taylor Kaye: "This was my song. A neighbour picked it out for me, ha ha! I hadn’t picked a song yet with my dad. The lyrics are really pretty...but it’s a slow, slow song!"

"My Little Girl" — Tim McGraw

Taylor Kaye: "I’m a country girl at heart (shhh, don’t tell anyone.) This song makes me weep every time."

"Because You Loved Me" — Celine Dion

Taylor Kaye: "It's a good pick but I try to avoid Celine Dion after that whole the Titanic song...I’m kinda Celine’d out."

"Dance with My Father" — Luther Vandros

Taylor Kaye: "You can’ t go wrong with Luther. Period."

"You Raise Me Up" — Josh Grobin

Taylor Kaye: "Have you seen this dude perform? Where does that voice come from. He’s so sexy. Yup i said it. Not sure I could dance a father/daughter dance to a Josh song thinking that though."