06/13/2013 11:08 EDT | Updated 11/12/2013 08:47 EST

Andrew Wakeling, Accused Ecstasy Trafficker, Gets Supreme Court Appeal Against Extradition

OTTAWA - The Supreme Court of Canada will hear an appeal from a British Columbia man who says his rights were violated when the Mounties handed over the results of wiretaps to American authorities.

Andrew Wakeling has been fighting extradition to the United States since 2007, when he was arrested and charged with trafficking and exporting ecstasy to Minnesota from Ontario.

An extradition judge and the B.C. Court of Appeal rejected his argument that the RCMP should not have turned over the intercepted phone calls without a court order.

The appeal court said the wiretaps were conducted legally and the Mounties followed international policing policies in giving the material to the Americans.

There was no need for a court order and no violation of Wakeling's rights, the court said.

As usual, the Supreme Court gave no reasons for its decision to hear the appeal.

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