06/13/2013 05:16 EDT | Updated 06/18/2013 09:49 EDT

Canada's New Capital Should Be.. (SURVEY)


If you had to pick a new capital city for Canada, what would it be?

Don’t get us wrong, we love Ottawa, with its gorgeous waterways, its proximity to Quebec and all the political intrigue (Senate expense scandal, anyone?) But when Bytown got voted Canada’s most boring city by the so-called Boredom Academy, it made us wonder: What could — or should — replace it?

UPDATE: We received hundreds of responses. Thank you! Here are the top reader picks and reasons. VOTE NOW for your favourites and we'll put the Top 8 up for a national vote leading up to Canada Day.

What city or town best represents Canada?

What makes it truly Canadian?

What community deserves national recognition and why?

And if you think we should stick with Ottawa, make your case!

Share your pick for Canada’s New Capital below. (Click here for a mobile-friendly version). Make a brief, compelling argument why and we’ll put your favourite 8 places up for a national vote leading up to Canada Day, in true HuffPost 'Deathmatch' style.

VOTE NOW: Readers' pitches for a new Canadian capital city.

Choose your favourites by clicking the "Like" button on each slide.

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