06/13/2013 11:24 EDT

Husband Accidentally Sells Wife's $23,000 Wedding Ring For $10 (VIDEO)

A California man has found a new way to give his wife grounds for divorce.

Eric Cloutier is probably in the dog house after accidentally selling his wife's $23,000 wedding ring at a yard sale for a whopping $10. Yep, you hear that right, 10 whole dollars!

Here's how it happened: Cloutier's wife, Racquel, hid her diamond ring in a watch box so that her two-year-old twins wouldn't find it -- just before she went to a hospital to give birth to her fifth child.

While she was in the hospital, husband Eric decided to have a yard sell to keep their children occupied. You can probably guess what happened next: Cloutier put the watch box - which contained his wife's $23,000 ring (we can't believe the price either) -- out for sale for just $10, and someone bought it.

Racquel realized the ring was missing the day after she returned from the hospital on June 5.

“I go into my husband’s closet, can’t find the box, and then he tells me he sold it. I said, ‘You sold it? What do you mean you sold it?’ I immediately started crying,” Cloutier told ABC News.

Eric, who was a runner-up in a 2010 World Series of Poker event, "feels really terrible."

At press time, the ring still hasn't been returned. "I’m trying to remain optimistic but I don’t know anymore," said Cloutier. "There’s a small chance whoever bought the box doesn’t know the ring is in there."

Let's hope whoever bought Racquel's ring (and oh yeah, the watch box) is a good samaritan and returns it to its owner. Luckily, there are some good people in the world such as the homeless man who returned a woman's engagement ring after it was accidentally dropped in his change cup.

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