06/14/2013 03:33 EDT

Emma Watson's Bling Ring Fashion: How The 'Harry Potter' Star Got Her Valley Girl Look (PHOTOS)


Emma Watson isn't a Valley Girl but the "Harry Potter" star plays one in the new movie "The Bling Ring" which follows a crew of bored, rich teens who break into the houses of their favourite celebs and steal from them.

Watson famously transformed into "Nicki," a girl who wears her brunette hair long and straight a la "The Hills" star Audrina Patridge (who the Bling Ring crew famously stole from) and likes her outfits short and not-so-sweet.

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"The Bling Ring" Style

So how did the petite Brit with the pixie haircut and quirky Burberry wardrobe end up becoming a trashy L.A. girl with a penchant for bug-eyed sunnies, showy furs and Juicy velour leisure suits?

"The Bling Ring" costume designer Stacey Battat told Vogue UK that the entire process was a total delight.

"We had a lot of fun creating Nicki," said Battat. "Emma was really excited to wear her Juicy sweatsuits - and she also wore Uggs, which I think was a very LA thing at that time."

To recreate an authentic celebrity wardrobe for the cast, Battat actually went into the homes of the celebrities who were robbed, including Paris Hilton's abode, where part of the movie was filmed (see if you can spot the Paris-covered pillows in the trailer.)

"[The Bling Ring] went to celebrities' houses - Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Megan Fox - so we wanted the closets to look all like they were full of stuff, which in real life are full of stuff," Battat told New York Magazine. "Dior let us borrow tons of samples, we had hundreds of Dior bags, Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana. [The brands] let us keep our samples for a long time so that we could really have it feel authentic and rich."

The Bling Ring crew stole many designer items from celebrities including Louis Vuitton purses and lingerie from Hilton, an Hermes bag and a Chanel necklace from Lindsay Lohan and designer luggage from Audrina Patridge.

We can't wait to see the wardrobe when the movie comes out!