06/14/2013 12:28 EDT

Fur Kids Calgary Faces Abuse Allegations; Groomer Fired (VIDEO)

The Calgary Humane Society is investigating after a video taken at a pet grooming salon shows a worker hitting a dog several times.

The video depicts a groomer hitting a dog at Fur Kids Daycare and Grooming and apparently using a vacuum cleaner to force one out of a kennel.

The video was shot last week by an apprentice groomer who says she witnessed a fellow groomer striking a dog in her care several times.

Trina Riel says she quit her job because the incident bothered her so much.

She says she recorded the unnamed groomer's actions so that she could have proof of the incident.

According to the company's website, the groomer is no longer with the company.

The Calgary Humane Society says they have video as well as witness statements, and are currently investigating the abuse claims.

"The charges aren't up to us," said Christy Thompson with the Calgary Humane Society.

Brad Nichols of the Calgary Humane Society says once they gather all the evidence they will sent it to the Crown prosecutor's office, which will decide if charges will be laid.

Sonja Miles, the owner of Fur Kids, believes the incident was a one-time thing.

"We respect, or believe, that it should never have happened but mistakes happen, right? And there's times we all may do something we are not the proudest of."

One of the grooming facility's supporters, Pound Rescue, says it won't work with the salon anymore.

R.J. Bailot says as soon as he viewed the video, he severed ties with the business.

"It's quite horrific. The dog is just standing on the table. I mean, no animal, regardless of the situation, should be treated that way. No animal should be treated that way."

If your dog has visited the daycare and you have concerns of abuse, the Calgary Humane Society is asking people to come forward. They can be reached at 403-205-4455.

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