06/15/2013 12:07 EDT

Famous Albertans: Some Of The Most Talented, Beautiful, Influential Or Surprising Albertans (PHOTOS)


It took a tabulation error on the part of a Miss Universe Canada judge to remind those in Wild Rose Country the stock of talent and beauty the province is capable of.

Few people even murmured the name Riza Santos the day following the pageant. That all changed when Miss Universe Canada judges corrected a typo and crowned the Calgary beauty queen Miss Universe Canada 2013.

She's talented, graceful, beautiful... but she's not the only one.

Alberta has been pumping out steady streams of beauty, grace and talent.

So much so that many celebrities with household names - who some won't even recognize as Canadian, let alone as Albertan - do in fact hail from that province on the eastern edges of the Canadian Rockies.

Even in Alberta, when one mentions that the iconic 1960s female music powerhouse and empowerer of women Joni Mitchell was born in Fort Macleod, the Albertans on the other side of the conversation often balk in disbelief.

How about Tom Chong, of Cheech and Chong fame? No he wasn't born in East L.A. but in Edmonton.

Click through the gallery below for a full collection of the most talented, beautiful and surprising Albertans.

Famous Albertans