06/16/2013 04:27 EDT | Updated 08/16/2013 05:12 EDT

Rob Ford On Having Drink Thrown At Him: 'That Hurt, Man'

Embattled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, who had a cup of juice thrown at him at an Italian street festival over the weekend, chuckled about the incident on his Sunday radio show, while also acknowledging it could have been a serious threat.

Ford initially made light of the situation, laughing and calling it a little bit of added "excitement" during Saturday's Taste of Little Italy festival. But he quickly hardened his tone.

"It's not funny," Ford said Sunday afternoon on NewsTalk1010. "That hurt, man. When it hits you in the face, you don't expect it, right?"

Shannon Everett, 27, faces an assault charge. She's scheduled to appear in court on July 23 to face the allegations.

On Sunday, the mayor also mused about the contents of the drink that was tossed his way, saying he took a "quick whiff" and thought he'd detected rye or vodka.

'Little shower'

Ford's brother and radio co-host, councillor Doug Ford, expressed concern that a "little shower" from what may have been a fruity cocktail could have been something harmful used to attack the mayor.

"It could have been hot chocolate," he said. "It could have been something more dangerous, it could have been a weapon."

Police have no other details about the drink-throwing incident or whether there is any connection to the negative publicity the mayor has received in recent weeks.

Ford has made international headlines following media reports last month about an alleged video that purports to show him smoking crack cocaine. The mayor has denied the allegations, saying it's part of a media smear campaign.

CBC News has not seen the video and cannot verify its authenticity.

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Meanwhile, the incident during Saturday's street festival has generated considerable mirth online.

"I will buy this woman a drink," one person tweeted.

"Whoever you are, I love you," another person chimed in.

Others have noted that although they don't support the mayor, the alleged assault was a shameful act.

"I do not support Ford but this was NOT necessary," one tweet read.

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