06/17/2013 07:00 EDT | Updated 08/17/2013 05:12 EDT

Quebec, Vermont make it easier to charge electric cars with new terminals

MONTREAL - Quebec and Vermont have partnered to help owners of electric vehicles recharge their rides.

Premier Pauline Marois and Gov. Peter Shumlin announced the plan to set up charging terminals along a stretch between Montreal and Burlington.

Marois said the corridor is the first segment of a network Quebec wants to set up in collaboration with neighbouring provinces and states in the coming years.

Shumlin welcomed the initiative and the expected economic benefits.

Starting in the fall, 31 public charging stations will be set up along a 160-kilometre route.

The terminals will be integrated into Hydro-Quebec and Vermont Electric networks.

The initiative follows discussions at the last conference of eastern premiers and New England governors.

Quebec already has a network of 300 terminals in operation through Hydro-Quebec and the private ReseauVER company.