06/18/2013 03:00 EDT | Updated 06/18/2013 03:59 EDT

Don Iveson Confirms Edmonton Mayor Candidacy

Twitter, Don Iveson

Don Iveson is the third Edmonton councillor to announce his intention to run for mayor.

Iveson, who has represented both Ward 5 and 7 in the past six years, made the announcement at the Edmonton Petroleum Club Tuesday.

“I have decided to run for Mayor of the City of Edmonton because I want my children and your children and your grandchildren to choose Edmonton,” Iveson said during the announcement.

"Here I go!" said the 34 year old on Twitter, following the announcement.

Iveson's mayoral website quickly went up, covering what he considers to be key issues, including affordable housing and the Edmonton downtown arena.

“We know where this city is going,” said Iveson. “When we close our eyes, we can see it. Now let’s build it.”

Edmonton mayor Stephen Mandel announced he would not seek re-election, after serving for three terms as mayor.

Karen Leibovici and Kerry Diotte, both councillors, and community league president Curtis Penner join Iveson as candidates in the race.

The municipal election is scheduled for October 21.

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Don Iveson Confirms Edmonton Mayor Candidacy