06/18/2013 04:41 EDT

G8 Style: Barack Obama, Stephen Harper, Vladmir Putin Dress To Impress (PHOTOS)

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

World leaders are meeting in Northern Ireland for the G8 summit to discuss unresolved issues such as food security, nutrition, sexual violence in armed conflict and the war in Syria.

Important topics, to be sure, but we at HuffPost Canada Style aren't here to discuss global politics. No, we're more interested in whether Barack Obama will sport Hermes riding boots or if Russian President Vladmir Putin will wear a bearskin rug or if Prime Minister Stephen Harper will paint his face in patriotic red and white. (We doubt those scenarios will actually happen but we can dream, right?)

We understand that fashion goes hand-in-hand with politics. First Lady Michelle Obama felt the brunt of that truth when her bangs sparked a Twitter backlash as she was making a speech in Belfast. Crazy, right? It's too bad the Obama girls aren't allowed to join in on the talks at least as observers; their colourful shoes make quite the impression.

To be sure, we won't be seeing the decision-makers sport Liberace-esque sequined coats; instead, they have been asked to wear "smart casual" outfits, as in button-up shirts and blazers. Boring!

But let's take a look at the G8 leaders and see what their dress code says about them.

G8 Style