06/18/2013 05:32 EDT

Dx3: Online Video Opens Up Dialogue With Customers (VIDEO)

There has been a movement away from large production houses to a smaller more niche approach in the world of online video, says Ian Buck.

Technological improvements in filming and editing means that businesses looking for video content creation can be very successful achieving their goals on a much smaller budget.

Buck, Managing Director of Notch Video says that it used to be that video was pushed to consumers through television and the client often did not have the chance to craft the video to highlight their personality or best attributes.

"A TV ad is a push medium, there is no expectation of dialogue in any way," said Buck. "You can break out of that mould with online video in a very fun way, whether it is making them more real, taking a different tone or format."

Watch the full interview above, plus more video from Dx3 Canada