06/18/2013 11:18 EDT

SkyTrain YouTube Video Shows 27-Year Difference

Metro Vancouver just isn't what it was 27 years ago. That's the obvious conclusion from a video that shows what a trip on the SkyTrain looked like in 1985 compared to last year.

The video, which was posted on YouTube last week, shows two SkyTrain trips side-by-side, one that was filmed in 1985 and another that was filmed in 2012.

The journey begins at Waterfront Station, taking viewers on a trip into the past that shows precisely how much development has taken place in Vancouver and its neighbouring cities over the course of almost three decades.

The differences are perhaps most pronounced when the trail rolls through Burnaby, and high-rise apartment buildings surround the tracks where there were none in 1985.

Although as website Vancouver is Awesome notes, there are also more trees today.

The 1986 footage was shot by the BC Rapid Transit Company before the SkyTrain opened for Expo 86, while videographer John Ball took the second video and edited them together, The Vancouver Sun reported.

Ball told The Province newspaper that he had long been fascinated with the "older aspects of the SkyTrain," and that he only finished it recently.

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